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About ALTétude... Mais c'est qui?

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My name is Myriam and I am a native French who moved to the UK in 1998 near Chester (Cheshire), the year France won the Football World Cup – I missed all the celebrations! No regrets though - this very same year, I met my husband and we have now two beautiful bilingual children.

Graduated in hospitality management and staff training, I decided to change my career to spend more time with my children and I started teaching children in French supplementary schools on Saturdays. I enjoyed it so much that I am now one of the charity trustees for Parapluie FLAM UK, a federation supporting supplementary French bilingual schools in the UK for French & Francophone families across the country.


ALTétude French Tutoring was founded in 2017 after encouragement from friends, family and parents who had used my services (in school and private tuition). Since, I have helped many students to succeed in their exams, in conversations and in business with their French language skills.

My approach to teaching French is to tailor my students' needs to build their confidence in their ability of navigating through the language for their exams (GCSE/A-Levels/DELF), business or leisure purposes.

Merci et bonne journée !

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Are you looking for a new opportunity?

ALTétude French Tutoring is expanding and we are always looking for experienced freelance French tutors either based in the UK or in France to take on new online students.​


Also, we are looking for freelance FLE/FLAM teachers, either native French or holding a DELF Level C1-C2, to work in our bilingual French Petite Ecole (face-to-face) in South London, near Croydon-Sutton.

Please enquire here and send over your CV with cover letter, we would love to hear from you.

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