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One-to-One Tuition

One-to-One lessons are available for all levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced, and are currently run online via zoom. These work very well and are very interactive!


Each lesson is tailored made to support your learning needs and it is adapted to your learning pace. After all, it is all about you feeling comfortable as you progress with your lessons.

This set up suits well individuals who wish to learn French from scratch, students who need support with going over what they have learnt at school but did not quite understand, and students who want extra support to revise for their exams.

Lessons plans either follow the school curriculum for Modern Foreign language or the French certified programme DELF, which is recognized around the world. This will be dependent on your requirements.


Primary School Pupils

Children aged 4-11 will learn topics in line with the government curriculum in a playful setup.


These cover a variety of basic knowledge such as presenting yourself, colours and shapes, animals, the human body, school material, giving your opinion on likes and dislikes, and grammar points to introduce genders of nouns, articles and adjectives.


Secondary School (KS3 - KS4), GCSE Students & Sixth Form Students

High school students – aged 12-16 – will learn and get support with their French learning by following the GCSE exams boards guidelines (either AQA or Edexcel) to prepare the students for their end of topic tests and their French GCSE.

Additionally, sixth Form students – age 16-18 – who have chosen French as one of their subjects for A-Levels, will be using their knowledge from their French GCSE and perfect it through conversation. Themes and topics from exams boards guidelines are followed.


Adult Learners

Adults of all ages and levels – you're never too young or too old to learn a new skill, and French could be the perfect one to pick, especially if you love the French culture, country, food and wine!


You will learn the necessary topics to get you by while travelling in France or other French-speaking countries.


To book a free 30 minute introduction session, please click here

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